Garden Lighting Systems

Malone Landscapes and Maintenance Services Pty Ltd recognise the benefits a good garden lighting system can have on your garden's ambience during the darker hours of the night. Lighting up the areas of your garden, particularly around the edges of the entertainment areas where effective use of coloured light, design, movement and shape will highlight those special features of your garden environment. Combining plant features and creative lighting e.g. cool lighting during summer and warm lighting effects during the cooler months can add to the general mood of the garden.

We will advise on the use of garden lighting for aesthetic and practical aspects including paths, driveway and step lights. The use of wall lights are specifically designed to compliment your architectural design while fulfilling the needs for weather protection and safety aspects within a domestic or commercial garden environment.

Malone Landscapes and Maintenance Services are professional garden landscape designers with access to a wide range of lighting technology and products, including energy efficient lighting and we can advise you on the garden lighting system to suit your particular energy efficient needs.

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