Malone Landscapes and Maintenance Services specialise in landscape paving services for pathways, driveways, landscape feature walls; courtyard design and construction; patio design and construction; and remodeling of an existing garden with the use of creative design and landscape construction. With the view to value add to the premises and extend the utility use of the outdoor area while creating a stunning landscape feature.

Malone Landscape Services have a wide variety of paving products to choose from, in materials, colours, textures and shapes. We assist in selecting the highest quality landscape paving for your garden premises to ensure maintenance free protection for years to come.

It is important to have a professional landscape contractor to design the correct foundations for paving by designing and laying the correct base. This will ensure the pavers are secure and well drained and will not move over time which could result in possible cracking. Malone Landscapes and Maintenance Services are professionals in paving services and will assist in all your structural and design needs. We provide a no-obligation free quote with our site inspection.

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