Landscape Retaining Walls

Malone Landscapes and Maintenance Services Pty Ltd specialise in design and construction of landscape retaining walls and planter box construction. We create a retaining wall to complement the garden style it sustains by the aesthetic use of materials e.g. sandstone, timber, brick, concrete to reinforce steep slopes or embankments over soft soils. Whether you require a retaining wall to meet a structural or decorative need, it is important to choose the right materials for the wall to prevent a build up of water and pressure on the wall in the future.

Malone will design a landscape retaining wall to create and maximize your garden space for your privacy and enjoyment. Remember, retaining walls over a metre in height generally require a permit. Malone Landscapes are professional landscape designers with the professional qualifications, who can assist with the necessary council submissions and documentation when it comes to landscape design and construction.

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