Garden Water Features and Ponds

If you decide to install a water feature or pond there are several reasons why you should call a professional landscape designer and contractor, particularly considering the different components of irrigation, water redirection and drainage and associated challenges and problems. A professional landscape designer has the necessary qualifications required to meet these challenges.

We can assist with the planning, design and construction of various features including: a garden waterfall; fish ponds; water designed sculptures and walls; free standing water sculptures; wade pools and swimming pools. The selection of the right design, materials and technology is important when it comes to certain items e.g. how plants compliment and enhance the water feature.

Malone Services will assist in creating a design plan to suit your life style needs based on a realistic budget that can look after every aspect of your garden project. A water feature can be a stunning focal point to the garden creating a soothing and restful ambience to the rest of the garden.

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